Outdoor Allegheny River Services, located in Franklin, Pennsylvania, provides canoe, kayak, bicycle, and outdoor gear rentals. We offer trips on French Creek and the Allegheny River from Meadville to Emlenton!

OARS promotes a healthy relationship with nature,
cultivates a community of outdoor enthusiasts,
and fosters good stewardship of our waterways.

Established in 2008, our passion is putting people on the water. OARS has put nearly 12,000 people on the Allegheny River and French Creek, including folks from 17 countries, and all but four states! (You can read about us in the news here.)

Whether you’re a first timer or a seasoned paddler, we strive to make your experience a memorable and easy one. We realize the effort and planning it takes to drive great distances to enjoy our waterways. During the weekends and holidays, we offer a completely hassle-free experience, where you decide what time you’d like to leave, and what time you want to catch a shuttle home. We want to add to your enjoyment by creating a fun, safe atmosphere.

We are proud to also offer scheduled Special Floatsincluding: youth floats, ladies-only themed floats, early morning Kayak & Coffee floats, Wednesday evening group floats, and romantic couples floats. We are happy to help you plan an Overnight Trip, and our Day Trips are always popular. We have plenty of experience working with large groups, including the Boy Scouts.

OARS works with numerous national organizations which all share a common interest of developing the recreational, educational, and health benefits associated with outdoor activities.

See you on the River!